Rehabilitation of individual buildings at Obchodna St. – Energy efficiency point of view

Historic buildings are not treated as „seriously” as they should and could be in current European legislation regarding energy efficiency matters. It is true that the question of historic buildings’ renovation processes is not as straightforward as in case of new buildings, i.e. often they have to be dealt with individually. We have to consider the value that has to be conserved for future, but also we have to be aware of the energy that we are losing through the building envelopes.

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Mini power station at Obchodna street

In my group we were working at Obchodna street problems, one of them was a gap between building that I decided to fill creating a Mini power station.

I made a project which should be an answer to needs of habitants and users of Obchodna street. The main function is a place to work, individual or in groups and a place for workshops. Every work station has a store shelf to keep products needed in a creation process, to keep things already made or not finished yet. There is also a place for exhibition. In a building there are two coffee houses and dancing club in a basement.

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Productive hall – market hall at Obchodna street

During the last Instep workshops, some brainstorming took place, where  my group and myself came up with some ideas for the revitalization of the Obchodna street. One of our ideas was to design a space that would unite people around Obchodna. We mentioned at that time that one of such spaces could be a market hall.

Sooo …

The subject of my project is an effective market hall, situated at Obchodna Street.

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