Interest Groups in the Refurbishment Process of Obchodna Street

Roughly in the middle of Obchodna street, there is a node of increased activities. The node is created naturally by the intersection of Obchodna street with Postova street. This node stretches the pedestrian zone in a perpendicular way, adding another dimension to the public space. Feeding substantial part of pedestrians from the transport hub at Hodzovo square, the intersection creates an open plaza in front of the Crowne Plaza hotel. Just in the middle of this unnamed plaza, one can find a block of shops. These temporary vendor stands are of a poor technical and aesthetical quality and are considered for a replacement in the project by Jan Tichy, Weronika Dams, and Helga Kovacs.

Jan Tichy writes about the various interests in public space that should be taken into account throughout the design process.

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